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March 2012
Product Launch/Updates
Leverage EMC SourceOne Version 6.8 for Archiving, Storage Management, and eDiscovery
Gain traction in the market and compete with industry solutions

On March 29, 2012, EMC will release several SourceOne version 6.8 products including: Email Management, Discovery Manager, and Microsoft SharePoint. These products continue to gain traction, and the recent releases are designed to help you better compete in the marketplace. 

  1. EMC SourceOne Email Management 6.8: These enhancements and new features enable new archiving business while providing new benefits to EMC’s present base of EmailXtender customers.
    Email Management 6.8 includes support for Microsoft Office 365/Exchange 2010 cloud with the following features:
    - On-premise archive
    - Public folder archive
    - Reporting and auditing capabilities
    - Enhanced search and export to pst/nsf format with the Discovery Express edition of SouceOne Discovery Manager
    - In-place migration utility for SourceOne Email Management 6.8 (this utility migrates EmailXtender metadata at an unprecedented rate and competitive migration cost)
  2. EMC SourceOne Discovery Manager 6.8: This is an add-on e-discovery product for SourceOne Email Management used to search, collect, review, and export archived email in response to legal or regulatory notice or corporate policy complaincy. 6.8 includes 508 compliance requirements, including circular tabbing, keyboard shortcuts, and support for screen reader software, all which are now supported around accessibility within the interface.

    Please Note: In-Place Migration (IPM) will be released as Restricted Availability in early Q2 with a separate charge/ordering SKU. 
  3. EMC SourceOne for Microsoft SharePoint 6.7/6.8: Customers can now enhance the performance of their SharePoint environment, re-align storage resources, and improve backup and recovery times, all without disrupting the SharePoint user's experience. With version 6.8, SourceOne for Microsoft SharePoint adds support for Microsoft Office 365/SharePoint 2010 cloud with on-premise archive and includes of all the 6.7 options for storage management, including:
    - Support for Microsoft's Remote BLOB Storage (RBS)  Provider
    - Scheduler for externalization to storage platforms
    - Migration tool for migrating both third-party and SourceOne customers to this newest version
    - Health monitor to alert administrators when reaching critical storage capacity levels

    These enhanced externalization capabilities can be sold and implemented separately from the product's archiving capabilities.
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Manage more than 1,000 remote VNXe systems with New Unisphere Remote for the VNXe series, Available March 2012
Improve overall quality and feature set for your VNXe

Beginning in March 2012, you have the opportunity to manage more than 1,000 remote VNXe systems with new Unisphere Remote. Unisphere Remote is a free download that requires the VNXe Operating Environment 2.2 (MR2) on your VNXe system. MR2 and Unisphere Remote improve the overall quality and feature set of VNXe providing you with an enhanced solution and new opportunities.

Unisphere Remote for the VNXe series highlights include:

  • Tighter integration with VMware
  • Availability of ESRS client for customers with EMC delivered service
  • Improvements in iSCSI replication ease-of-use features
  • More flexibility in VNXe implementations via the removal of DNS and NTP configuration restrictions
  • Availability of standalone CIFS server
  • Simplified, single button VNXe shutdown
  • CLI enhancements
  • FIPS 140-2 security certification (management ports)
  • Multi-VNXe centralized MR2 monitoring support, supporting Unisphere Remote as a separate download
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Offer Robust and Flexible Storage for Your SMB Customers with the New StorCenter™ PX Server Class Series from Iomega®
Business-class protection and content sharing for your SMB customers 

Now your small-to-medium business customers can have business-class data protection and content sharing powered by EMC technology that is faster and more reliable than ever before. The new StorCenter PX Server Class Series offers flexible configurations and server-class hard drives with capacities up to 36TB. 

To learn more about the Iomega StorCenter PX Server Class Series, visit

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